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Nota Tomato Sauce


With an authentic Italian recipe dating back a century, a taste note for any dish, a tomato sauce made with love from Naples. The purpose of NOTA sauce is to experience simplicity to the fullest and through its deliciousness, to feel the joy of childhood.

Both in Italy and in Greece, the memory of our neighborhood prevails, the place that seemed like the whole world and was our first little “homeland”. In that place, there was always a kitchen filled with aroma, a table set to welcome us, and the homemade goodness was generously bestowed upon us, like a miracle we experienced together every day.

We created the brand starting with the name NOTA. A melodic and distinctive word that exudes optimism and is used in Greek with Italian roots. Just like this sauce, which is a taste and memory note for every dish.

Based on the feeling of the neighborhood, we then designed a nostalgic logo and a label with a border reminiscent of an old frame. We used typography that communicates the age of the recipe and the homemade way of making it.

In the subsequent photoshoot, we wanted to capture the product in a pop-retro environment, with a strong element of playfulness and abundant light representing the joy of a household kitchen.

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