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Tsatsakis Traditional Breadsticks

tsatsakis line

Tsatsakis products are reintroduced to the market, to communicate tradition, pure ingredients, authentic recipes and the original Mediterranean diet the brand represents.

Through traditional patterns, colorful palettes and symbols of Cretan culture, we designed packages that could be seen as playful Cartes Postales of this beautiful island.

A goat, a boat, a woman dancing, a sunflower, a lyre and other valuable assets of Crete’s fertile land, compose the packaging of this new traditional series, that can be incorporated ideally into any Mediterranean scene.

tsatsakis image identities
breadsticks vegtables
tsatsakis well known
breadsticks polispora
breadsticks sitou vertical
breadsticks haroypi vertical
breadsticks cob
breadsticks all side
breadsticks bind
breadsticks sitou
breadsticks all vertical
breadsticks sunflower
breadsticks all face
tsatsakis line
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