Logistic_i entrusted our services to create a modern identity system, that allows the company to communicate in the language of the digital era, highlighting the momentum it offers to its clients, the freshness of the young people constituting it, and the cutting-edge technology applied to its services.

The sailboat symbol from the old logo was refreshed and reoriented to align with the forward movement we wanted the company to exude.

The font was modernized, and an underscore was added to it, giving the overall writing a resemblance to the code used by programmers, who form the core of Logistic_i.

Logo Presentation
Coloe Pallete
Business Cards
Business Card
Web Design and Development
As part of the complete rebranding, both the company’s website and its physical presence in print and spatial applications were updated. The graphics created covered a wide range of needs, from the three-dimensional representation of the symbol that would communicate the company’s new era to promotional material and interior signage design.
Custom Mage Solutions
Offices Decoration
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