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Komotini Mills


In an ever-changing environment where public needs evolve and consumer preferences diversify, Mylos Komotinis has entrusted us to breathe new life into their packaging and create an overall identity that fully reflects their philosophy and expresses their production of high-quality flours through the practices of Contract Farming that they implement.

Seeking design inspiration, we traveled to the past and discovered the perpetual cycle of traditional flour production. Numerous small designs were created that together compose a complete depiction telling a story. A story about tradition and craftsmanship, about the common person and their life. On the side of the packaging, we depicted the circular economy model that Mylos applies and provided consumers the opportunity to get to know the producers themselves, simply by scanning with their mobile phones.

A bag of flour and a bowl of flour placed on a table
Various food items neatly arranged on a shelf
Contract Agriculture
A bowl of flour, eggs, and a bag of flour on a kitchen counter
Tradition, Passion, Quality
A table with bread, flour, and a rolling pin, ready for baking
As part of the new brand strategy and the outward focus that Komotini Mills aims towards the public, we met the producers in person and recorded them on video, so that we can create a microsite where the consumer will have the opportunity to get to know the people behind the final product.
Μύλοι Κομοτηνής

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