Stevia Hellas Cooperative

Stevia Hellas Cooperative

An innovative Greek cooperative enterprise, dedicated to quality stevia breeding.

Its main focus is cultivating and delivering premium stevia leaves that meet the stringest standards of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We undertook both the design of the new logo and the overall corporate identity.

The main direction was to focus on the concept of collectivity and diversity. Thus, we created an acronym from the initials of Stevia Hellas Cooperative (SHC), with each letter being different and many small pieces making up the whole, just like a diverse community. At the same time, it maintains the corporate character desired by the cooperative.

The identity expands through a continuous play of the initial shapes, which either form patterns or function as content containers, depending on the application.

Flag Stevia Hellas Cooperative
Farmer SHC
Stevia Farming
Brochure SHC
Κάρτες SHC
SHC Envelope
Stevia Hellas Cooperative
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