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Kookoovaya Urban Gastronomy

Kookoovaya adorns Xanthi’s gastronomy scene for some years now. Hosted in a beautiful neoclassical building, it offers modern cuisine for all hours of the day.

We designed the new summer menu combining the modern with the old, typography with colours of the summertime garden, the stamp element of the tobacconists’ era with an owl in motion.

The menu has detachable pages and can be reshaped depending on the service hour, while the handmade owl of the cover, harmonically embraces each paper combination.

menu all pages kookoovaya
oil painting illustration gif owl kookoovaya
all pages of menu on black background
pages of menu on gray background with glass cup
morning menu pages kookoovaya restaurant
night menu pages kookoovaya restaurant
restaurant kookkoovaya menu pages on black background
all restaurant pages menu kookoovaya
close view of menu restaurant kookoovaya
close view of owl illustration menu restaurant
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