Choureal is an awarded patisserie that specializes in Choux & Profiterole.

It has two branches, in Athens and Thessaloniki, in which the visitor can create his own tailor-made desert
and watch it being prepared before he enjoys it fresh & fluffy.

We designed the new lookbook combining typography and photography in a surreal arrangement, to symbolize the freshness & vividness of the creative process. Sweet pastel colors and curved forms complete the catalog and highlight the quality raw materials but also the attractive appearance of the products

Photography by: Nikos Panagiotidis

lookbook layout spread hand holding eclair
lookbook choureal on table with desserts
lookbook choureal contents spread
lookbook choureal spread about profiterole
lookbook choureal spread about eclairs
lookbook profiterole spread about choux
lookbook choureal colourfull and unique creations
choureal lookbook spread about icecream
choureal lookbook spread about awards
choureal look book coffee beverages
choureal lookbook spread get in touch
choureal lookbook with colourful desserts on table
young woman holding choureal lookbook
choureal lookbook all spreads
choureal lookbook standing behind dessert
18 choureal lookbook floating with figs
choureal lookbook back cover standing
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