Adopt an olive tree in Lesvos

Adopt an olive tree in Lesvos

Hatzidimitriou family from Lesvos island in Greece, wants to share the love for nature and olive oil with the world and offers you the opportunity to adopt an olive tree, follow its life across the seasons and receive the precious oil that pours out of its fruit.

By adopting your own olive tree you become part of the family’s long-lived tradition and vision. It’s an everlasting relationship between the source, the producer and the lovers of high-quality olive oil.

Once you adopt a tree, a plaque is affixed on it with the name of your choice.


mia elia name


You receive an adoption certificate and your get updates on your tree’s condition and growth.


Pistopoiitiko Yiothesias


You also get the chance to visit your tree at Hatzidimitriou family’s groves, any time of the year and especially during the harvest season, when you can follow the whole production process.

The final destination of this journey is your table, where your olive oil will be delivered, made with love, responsibility and your valuable participation.

Olive trees are a gift from nature to mankind, and you can adopt one as a present to yourself, your colleagues and anyone you value the most.

Adopt An Olive Tree


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